A Good Portion Of Into The Wild By Jon Krakauer Essay

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A good portion of Into the Wild, by Jon Krakauer, is focused on the characterization of the protagonist, Chris McCandless. Krakauer shares his opinions on Chris frequently throughout the duration of his novel. Krakauer very purposefully dictates what anecdotes he wants to include in his novel to shape how the reader views Chris. A very prominent theme that is made apparent to the reader about Chris is how young he is. By making this, a theme Krakauer asks the reader to treat Chris’ adventures the same way one would treat anyone’s college misadventures. Krakauer implores the reader forgive Chris for his youth and find meaning in his journey. London, Thoreau and Tolstoy are three men who all escaped Chris’ judgement. All three writers influenced Chris immensely with the aesthetic movement. He reread Call of The Wild by London over and over, creating an image of the Alaskan wilderness that fueled him to go in the first place. He admired Tolstoy’s values on celibacy and living in simplicity and Thoreau’s poetry on living away from society and in the wild. He found validity in their works and was able to simply ignore or forgive their shortcomings. “He was also able to forgive, or overlook, the shortcomings of his literary heroes” (Krakauer 122). Willfully, Chris disregarded the fact that none of these men practiced what they preached. This shows again the characteristic youth that Chris kept with him into his mid-twenties. He was able to distance himself from people he never…

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