A Good Man Is Hard To Find, By Flannery O Connor

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The story “A Good Man is Hard to Find:” by Flannery O 'Connor is about a dysfunctional family of four who decides to go on a family vacation. The family of four is accompanied by their opinionated and unwanted grandmother and her cat Pitty Sing. Throughout their drive a series of unfortunate events occur leading to the death of the family. “A Good Man is Hard to Find” leads readers to believe that the chain of circumstances within the family 's lives are due to the disconnected relationships that they have. Each family member plays and important role and contributes to the outcome of this story. The father Bailey, the man of the house, husband, and son carries a bit of a chip on his shoulder. He is disconnected at times from his surroundings …show more content…
The grandmother considers herself to be an old fashioned lady, but has many flaws. She is a selfish, and manipulative individual who only cares for what she wants and what is good for her. She is constantly belittling her son and talks poorly about the children and their mother. Even though the grandmother had invited herself to join the family vacation, she attempts to take over her son 's plans. The grandmother knows that her son 's life revolves around the paper and uses that to her advantage. She tries to change the destination of the trip by bringing the attention to an article of a escaped convict in the area that her son is wanting to travel. Ignoring his mothers need for control, he and his family stick to the original plans of traveling to …show more content…
While Bailey and his family are at the Red Sammy 's Barbeque, Bailey 's wife, puts a dime in the jukebox. “She asked Bailey if he would like to dance, but he only glared at her” (279). Bailey 's reaction to her seemed as if he was disgusted; with the thought and expressions of why would she even ask him. His relationship with his wife is detached in so many ways one would consider that their relationship is estranged. The mother of the children is young and reserved, because of her disconnection with Bailey she kept to herself and the baby; just like a clam and pearl. Her older children don 't respect her much just like the father. The Grandmother and the children 's mother have difficulty understanding each other. The Grandmothers tries to take control of many situation with the children and over steps her boundaries which leads the mother to be resentful towards

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