Essay on A Good Life

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A2. To live a good life it is necessary to live a life that is full of meaning and of virtue; Aristotle’s belief in this is evident in his writings. He believed that a life lived in excess or in deprivation were not good lives, but one would have to keep a balance in order to live a life of worth. This is the mean according to Aristotle and for one to better understand his idea of the mean one must analyze certain themes and topics found in his texts. One must first comprehend his idea of how good is final and self-sufficient. After grasping the relation of good as final and self-sufficient, one must be able to identify the mean and how it interacts with being a virtuous person.
Aristotle believed that there is an ultimate end or good to everything. He uses the arts as an example and explains how the ultimate end to medicine is to create health and that of strategy is to create victory (Nicomachean Ethics 941). There might be certain benefits from medicine, for example a doctor might make money while helping people, but there is an ultimate end and that is to bring health. According to Aristotle the same condition applies to good, he believed there to be an ultimate good; something that will always be chosen as an end in itself and never as a mean to something else (941). He further develops his idea by comparing man to animal and how one shares many things with them, like senses, because of this Aristotle believed that the ultimate purpose or end of human beings is not…

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