A Front Line Worker With Disabilities Essay example

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As a front line worker with people with developmental disabilities, I have noticed that in all the agencies I have worked, they are usually more careful when handling their clients’ medication administration issues. These agencies strive hard to ensure that clients are not overmedicated, missing medication doses and given wrong medication. The occurrence of any of these can lead to client’s death, deterioration in their health condition, as well as spelling harsh consequences for the staff who is responsible for the medication error. The agency’s license can be revoked if medication errors is rampant. Aside from that, it is also contrary to the agencies’ operational visions and values to not adhere to their avowed duty and standard of care for their clients whom they promised the Federal or provincial Government of Canada through Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD) or the Family Support for Children with Disability (FSCD) that they will be capable of taking care of during their intake process. To forestall all these from happening, all agencies catering for people with developmental disabilities, in any capacity that may require the support staff to administer medication, made it a mandatory requirement for staff to undergo rigorous medication administration course which is subject to renewal every 2 to 3 years, depending on the agency’s policy, before qualifying to work, especially, in their group homes.
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