Essay on A Fighting Chance Against Cps And Get Your Children Back

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How to Have a Fighting Chance Against CPS and Get Your Children Back

For those parents whose children are under the care, custody and control of Child Protective Services (CPS), getting your kids back can be near impossible if you don 't know what you 're up against. Further, many parents employ strategies that simply don’t work in their dealings with CPS. Following the guidelines that are incorporated herein will not guarantee your child will be returned to you, but they can put you in a position to have a fighting chance.

The factors parents are up against:

Financial Incentives:
Our government offers cash incentives (known as bonuses) to states for each child they adopt out of foster care. If children go home to their parents, states do not receive this bonus money. Moreover, money has been cut from those agencies geared towards keeping families together. Since 1997, when ASFA (Adoption and Safe Families Act) was signed into law, the push towards adoption has been unwavering. CPS will recommend adoption in those cases where it clearly is not in the best interest of the child to sever parental ties. In addition, in the event reunification is not likely, CPS will remove a child from a good foster home, where the child feels loved and is thriving, should the foster parents opt for Legal Guardianship versus adoption. The child will be promptly put with new foster parents (strangers) who identify adoption as their goal. If a social worker disagrees with making the…

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