A Farm For Dictators : An Implementation Of The Necessary Means For The Society

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A Farm for Dictators Power: an implementation of the necessary means for the society in which it thrives. Despite its definition and positive connotation, power can prove to be either a license to destruction or prosperity. Power does not always corrupt; in fact, it is the very essence of what keeps society functional and circumscribed, but nevertheless, when it is fixed in the hands of the wrong person, the supremacy may go amiss. In today’s culture, power centralizes the unity of all things, whether it be good or bad. An individual who acquires power can potentially lose acumen. Absolutism, especially, corrupts those who seize it. Once he or she gains control and abuses the authority associated with his or her position in society, desire for more repression feeds the ambition for further domination. The unethical treatment towards the bureaucracy is apparent throughout history and is very much prevalent today. This onward act of oppression is due to the practice of autocracy, which dates back to antiquity. One specific event in particular where the act is indubitably evident takes place during World War II, and is substantiated by Napoleon’s dismissive actions in the novela ‘Animals Farm’ by George Orwell.
George Orwell’s novel, ‘Animal Farm’ is a form of satire that explains power and the corruption that comes along with absolutism. He utilizes animals in terms of human beings to demonstrate how absolute power can give rise to corruption. Orwell does an exceptional…

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