A Farewell Of Arms By Ernest Hemingway Essay

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“Role of Love” Love is like war, easy to begin with, but hard to come to an end with. War has a domino effect on love throughout the book A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway. We see love work for the better and worse while in war. Hemingway expresses his idea of love in war and Henry 's relationships with other characters. War brings his relationships together with friends and at the same time tears them apart. Hemingway is able to express his views of love through characters apart of war in the novel. War makes Henry and Catherine 's relationship more difficult than it already is. The war always finds a way to separate couples from one another. We see this in the beginning chapters when Henry and Catherine are first introduced to each other. Once meeting Catherine, Henry later learns in chapter four that she is once engaged. Catherine had been engaged to a soldier that was killed fighting in the Battle of Siomme. Catherine mentions, “But then he wanted to go to war and i didn’t know.” (Hemingway, 19). This is ironic because most soldiers in war at this time are trying to find a way to escape from it, while her fiancé is wanting to return to war. Also this shows that her fiancé maybe did not have the same feeling she had for him, considering they were engaged for eight years. Being engaged for eight years and not yet being married says a lot. This shows that her husband is not ready for the commitment, or he does not know if he feels the same way.…

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