A Experiment On Osmosis Diffusion Of Water Across A Permeable Membrane

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Observing Osmosis
Osmosis is the “diffusion of water across a selectively permeable membrane” (Raven et al. G-16). In this experiment, dialysis tubing was used to mimic the selectively permeable membrane to show what osmosis does when placed in different solutes. We filled dialysis tubes fill with different percentages of solute and placed them in beakers full of a different solute. Through this experiment, I saw what happens when the solution becomes hypertonic, hypotonic, and isotonic. My hypothesis was that bag A would shrink because the water would leave the bag to go to the higher concentration. Bag B would stay the same because it would be isotonic. Bag C and D would swell because water would rush into the cell where the higher concentration was. If bag A shrinks than it is hypertonic. If bag B stays the same, than it is isotonic. If bag C and D swell, than they are hypotonic.
To conduct this experiment we used four pieces of dialysis tubing, four pieces of string, and two beakers. We tied each piece of tubing at the bottom then placed 1% sucrose in bag A and B, 10% sucrose in bag C, and 20% sucrose in bag D. Then we got as much air out of the tubing as well could, then tied the string on each of the tubes to secure the opening. Then we dried any water off of the tubes and trimmed all of the extra string. Next, we weighed each tube. Tube A was 10.9 grams, tube B was 10.3 grams, tube C was 12.3 grams, and tube D was 13.0 grams.…

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