A Dream In John Lennon's Of Mice And Men

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A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.” (John Lennon). In Of Mice and Men there was a short, quick, responsible, and was very protective of Lennie this man 's name was George. To George there was his best friend and his companion was named Lennie. Lennie was a nice, tall, and not so smart guy but there was a very deep bond between the two. They were inseparable. The two were on their way to a farm/ranch going to find a job for the two to get to their big American Dream. In that farm they met a couple of nice guys which one was a old guy who had only one hand. The old man was a shy guy but his name was Candy. George and Lennie invited Candy to join their dream.. of buying land and living ‘off the fat …show more content…
George before was not really much but a average other guy he was normal but then he got a very close friend with him and that was sweet old Lennie. In this quote George is talking to Lennie on their way to a job interview or to get a job. In this quote “‘Lennie-if you jus’ happen to get in trouble like you always done before, i want you to come right here an’ hide in the brush’”(Steinbeck 8). In this quote George was telling Lennie if he ever was in trouble and needed to run away that he should run back to the place in where they were talking to go run and hide at. This shows that no matter to anybody who talks to George he will be there for Lennie and make sure he is okay. Also shows that in Lennie 's eyes he is more of his guardian and somebody he can look up to. Another quote is when George was with the gang of guys who worked on the farm and the boss 's son Curley decided to beat up on Lennie. Another quote was, “‘Don 't let him pull you in but if the son of a bitch socks you let ‘im have it’”(Steinbeck 16). Lennie was not much of a fighter but George was also afraid that if Curley went up to go fight Lennie that Lennie might get hurt. So then George told Lennie that if Curley ever hit him to make sure he fight right back to make sure that he protected Lennie, but also made sure that he was also okay. Curley tried to pick a fight with Lennie but George told Lennie to fight back, so Lennie did. This proves that George was a leader role to Lennie that George will make sure Lennie is okay but also has to fight his own fights like a leader would do. A leader role would teach the student til the student has to do it on his own. Like Lennie was on his own to fight Curley while George encouraged him. These two quotes show that George was more than what a average man was he was more of a leader role to Lennie 's

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