A Dolls House And The Fall Of Don Juan Essay

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Throughout many writings and literary works, many elements and techniques are utilized behind the scenes to establish an idea. This is seen in Nonfiction books, Fictions books, Novels, Drama, and especially plays. Authors use characters to manipulate how the plot is going to be solved and how the rest of the story is going to go about. In A Dolls House and The Fall of Don Juan we see how (name of authors) use characterization and character manipulation to establish an intriguing reading.
Henrik Ibsen and Valentin Krasnogorov, are two authors who share similar aspects in their readings. They both have literary techniques they use in order to establish a theme in their works and develop a plot. Aside from just having multiple characters having a dialogue, each character has a meaning in the play and they are very significant to the plot in the dramas. Both readings share universal characters aside from everything.
In A Dolls House, Henrik Ibsen uses characterization and character manipulation to help set the ideas throughout the play. Torvald, one of the main protagonists of the play is a huge symbol in this writing. Due to the authors use of characterization and author manipulation, we seem to understand the type of person he is. The authors use of manipulation makes it easier for its audience to understand and even position themselves into what is really going on. Torvald lives with the mindset that the purpose of marriage is for the male to protect the woman at any given…

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