A Doll 's House By Henrik Ibsen Essay

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A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen is a realistic prose play set in 1870s Norway. A Doll’s House revolves around Nora Helmer, wife to Torvald Helmer and mother to three children. Nora is described as a living doll. She does as she is told, and makes sure to please her husband. Nora has her secrets though. Torvald is a soon to be bank manager, and cares a lot about how others view him. Nils Krogstad is the antagonist of A Doll’s House. He is a former employee of the bank and soon to be blackmailer of Nora. The cast of characters is rounded out by Kristine Linde and Dr. Rank. Kristine is an old friend of Nora and Dr. Rank is a friend of the Helmers. Each of these characters play an important, if minute, role in the play. Nora takes a borrows money from Krogstad in secret in order to help cure Torvald. Although she was doing this as an act of love, she did so illegally. Nora forged her father’s name. Torvald is passionately against any sort of debt so Nora keeps her debt secret until Korgstad uses it as leverage to get his job back at the bank. Nora’s actions upset Torvald but in upsetting Torvald she realizes their marriage was built on nothing but necessity. Torvald needed a pretty, “doll-like” wife and Nora needed stability. Unni Langas wrote “a woman is economically, legally, and politically subordinated because she is a woman.” (149) Henrik Ibsen uses symbolism, epiphany, and external conflict to indicate societal expectations and restrictive gender roles are key themes in A…

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