A Doll 's House By Henrik Ibsen Essay

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To begin, what is power? To answer, power can be used in many ways. In fact, there seems to be power in quite a lot of readings. Analyzation can create numerous powers. Power can create reading analysis, to help understanding, and much more. Questions could be: "Who has the power?" "Who doesn 't have the power?" A short story with powers has been shown.
A Doll 's House is a short story (3 acts to be exact) that was written by Henrik Ibsen. The power slides from at least three people in A Doll 's House. While some power may be in between multiple people, the story mainly focuses on one powerful person at a time.
As many main characters usually have, Nora is a main character with her share of power in the story. Probably one of the most glaring powers is simply Nora 's plentiful amount of dialogue embedded. There are at least five separate conversations with Nora. This, along with at least three conversations with Nora taking a big role inside. Nora 's big role would start in the absolute beginning of the story: "Hide the Christmas tree carefully, Helene (To the Porter)…Fifty ore" (Ibsen 1359). That is Nora speaking in this particular quote. Nora is really in a lot of this text.
As previously stated, Nora is paying, for the Christmas tree. In multiple situations, despite being a stay-at-home mother, Nora is taking care of holiday traditions and power over the children. The household is, for Nora to exercise her power. She could make it look good, or bad. The story suggests…

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