A Doll 's House By Henrik Ibsen Essay

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“A Doll’s House” by Henrik Ibsen is a wonderful play, where Nora Helmer is the central and the most significant character of the play. Her role as a woman barely revealed in the act as she is like an immature kid. Her role as a wife is predictable by her husband Torvald Helmer. She is a playful and childish mother. Her position and role in the acts can be compared to a doll which is controlled by her husband. Because of Helmer’s over pampering Nora’s character and self-image get affected for which, she couldn’t be a perfect woman, wife, and mother in “A Doll’s House”. Nora is a character with the least personality of her own. Until she gets her realization, she spends her whole life as an immature kid. Before she got married, she was a doll of her father and after marrying Helmer she became the doll wife of Helmer, who controls her personality. Both in her married and unmarried life, she was struggling in search for her identity, but as a deprecating woman, she chooses not to speak of them. She has allowed her husband to take over her personality. In her whole life, she acts like a kid, though she is a smart woman who saved her husband’s life by managing the money for his treatment. She could ask her father for this money, but he was so ill that she didn’t ask him for money and handled her situation like a smart woman. She says, “I’ve also got something to be proud and happy for. I’m the one who saved Torvalds’s life” (Ibsen 806). Besides being a smart woman, she is a…

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