A Doll 's House By Henrik Ibsen Essay example

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A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen is a three act play in which one of the main characters, Nora, frees her true self from the person she is pretending to be for her husband. Ibsen is known for his plays because they allow characters to break free of the roles set by society and live for themselves instead. A Doll’s House was one of Ibsen’s first plays and would cause people to question the roles of women in marriages and the idea of marriage not being for life. Ibsen did this by giving readers a play that examined the world’s real social problems, especially the status of women in society ("A Doll’s House Literary Criticism."). The title of the play A Doll’s House symbolizes how Nora feels treated by the people in her life, which results in her new respect for herself allowing her to leave her relationship in order to find her independence. The way Nora feels is the way many other women felt when the play was written but never thought to stand up for themselves the way she did. Ibsen starts the play on Christmas Eve with a lit tree and Nora enjoying her macaroons, excitingly waiting to show her husband the presents she has bought for her family. Michelle Wiseman says this scene shows Nora and her typical “childlike and whimsical behavior”. Her husband first calls her by pet names such as ADD HERE.(). He does this through out the story and allows readers to see how he sees her as childlike and as though she is his possession. Once he discovers she has spent money he is…

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