Essay on A Dog And Human Attachment Behavior

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“A dogs bond to humans is analogous to child-parent and chimpanzee-human attachment behavior, because the observed behavioral phenomena and the classification are similar to those described in mother-infant interaction” (Orhan et al. 220). A dog is known to be a loyal animal. These in despicable creatures have no sense of hate. Even though Dog fighting does not harm people so it should not matter, dog fighting should come as a more serious crime because the dogs that lose have to be disposed of in an unlawfully manner, Many innocent dogs are killed, and dogs cannot defend for themselves so someone has to do defend for them. Dog fighting is not taken seriously. It is an event no law enforcement wants to deal with because the sport brings many more crimes along with it. Dog fighting consist of two dogs in a small pit or ring and they fight while spectators make bets. A fight can end by a dog’s death, failure to attack, and the handler can forfeit. Most of the fighting dogs are trained in an inhuman and unnecessary manner. Isolation from humans and other dogs, heavy chains, and low fed- these are examples of a fighting dogs training, the goal in mind is to keep them as much short tempered as possible. Not all dogs are bred to fight. Some dogs have a natural instinct to run from danger, therefor most Fighters dispose of these dogs to reduce their chances of humiliation. “When a dog is not successful in a fight, a professional may dispose of it using a variety of techniques such…

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