Essay about A Discussion Of Modernization Theory And Neo Traditionalism

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Can the tradition of arranged marriages survive through the 21st century? The article “Love and Arranged Marriage in India Today: Negotiating Adulthood” by Nancy S. Netting discusses the current state of arranged marriage in an increasingly westernized society. The author uses two sociological theories to address this topic, Modernization theory and Neo-traditionalism. The article produces valid points to prove the estimates of both theories . The modern view on arranged marriage is that parents still play a crucial role in the relationship but are focusing more on education and occupation of the significant other, rather than caste system and reputation. While Neo-traditionalism is still present it is diminishing, premarital virginity is still important and parental support is required for approval. The author concludes that although both theories are present, Modernization is more prevalent and even the Neo-traditionalists have had to modernize their views to conform to the more western-style viewpoint. The Indian youth want to use this evolution to be treated as full adults. While they will still value their parents wishes they in turn also want their wishes to be heard. They seek to redefine their culture to include traditional beliefs and assimilate them into a modern society. Two main sociological theories and their predictions stand out in this article. The Modernization theory believes that arranged marriage will not be able to compete with the Western ideology of…

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