A Detailed Description Of Soil Locations, Textures And Physio Chemical Properties

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A detailed description of soil locations, textures and physio-chemical properties can be found in Sections 2.3.1(page 41) and 3.3.1(page 56). We selected four types of soils out of seven types of soils, namely MGA, KBA, TAA and DUA. Key soil characterisation of these four soils is summarised in Table 4.2. The reason why these four types of soils were chosen for this chapter was that they had distinct soil parameters in terms of total organic carbon (TOC), Fe oxide, Al oxide, pH which have been observed as important controllers for bioaccessibility of As, Cd and Pb reported in previous chapters. MGA soils contained a high amount of TOC (8.37 %), Fe oxide (12.49 g kg-1), Al oxide (12.6 g kg-1) whilst few TOC (1.48 %), Fe oxide (0.64 g kg-1) and Al oxide (0.74 g kg-1) were detected in DUA soils. KBA and TAA soils possessed a moderate amount of TOC, Fe oxide and Al oxide. KBA soils showed a higher value of TOC (5.5 %) than TAA soils (4.97 %) whilst TAA soils contained more Fe oxide (3.12 g kg-1) and Al oxide (3.01 g kg-1) than KBA (Fe oxide, 1.72 g kg-1; Al oxide, 2.13 g kg-1). DUA soils had a slightly alkaline pH while KBA, MGA, TAA soils were moderately acidic. According to the distribution of clay, silt and sand, these four soils were categorised into loam (KBA), loamy sand (DUA) and sandy loam (MGA and TAA). Total Mn and Mn oxide did not exist in a great amount in any of the studied soils whilst total contents of Fe and Al were in the range of 9.87 to 43.9 g kg-1 and 7.98 to…

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