A Deep Contrast Of History And Present Essay

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A Deep Contrast of History and Present
A Comparison of Contemporary Thought and Thoreau 's Thought
Fresh air, clear mind, and a certain simplicity found nowhere else, these are items of topic when someone has just come from a mountain excursion or, simply, a camping trip. Nature has always been seen as an escape from reality and, more importantly, society. In Early American times, predominately the 1800’s, a series of writers emerged and formed what we now know as the Transcendentalist movement. This was a critical time in American, and world history which focuses on a human’s application to the wilderness. The three major authors often referred to in American Literature relating to this era are Ralph Waldo Emerson, Walt Whitman, and the greatest of all, Henry David Thoreau. Robinson says, “Two important encounters during Thoreau’s formative years at Harvard College, 1833-37, helped to confirm this skepticism about the value of conventional beliefs and ways of life and to awaken the expectation of a spiritual and social renewal that was at the core of the Transcendentalist revolt.” Thoreau is clearly a valued historical character when we consider the monumental Transcendentalist period. All of this information is imperative to understanding our culture today, as it is a major part of American history. Therefore, Henry David Thoreau had many views on the wilderness, which compare and contrast to the current time period in that he considered every place to be plausible for a…

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