A Death Of The Family By James Agee Essay

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Taking on moments with each other, choosing good habits and providing a lot of appreciation tend to be a couple of the issues that give families confidence and joy. In the novel A Death in the Family by James Agee, a family have to apply these types of advantages in order to build through a very difficult time. The husband, Jay, and his wife, Mary, gets a phone call stating that Jay 's father is dying. Ralph, the person who had called, is Jay 's brother, and he occurs to be drunk. Jay doesn 't understand whether he can believe Ralph in mentioning that their father is passing away, however, he doesn 't wish to accept the possibility of not seeing his father once again, therefore, he makes a decision to go see his father. He kissed his wife goodbye and informs her he will probably be right back for dinner the next day, but not to wait up for him. Dinner comes about, although he never arrives. That night, Mary gets awakened by a caller saying that Jay has been in a serious auto accident. She, later on, discovers out that he died. The rest of the novel is about Mary and her family members ' reactions to the passing. This experience for Mary and her family is something that changes their lives forever, but it doesn 't ruin them. If someone has a close person to them decease, he or she feel as if they cannot go on, but because of the close family ties that Mary, Jay, and their children shared, they know that they will be able to continue on after Jays death.…

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