Essay about A Deaf Event At San Bernardino Valley College

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A Deaf Event

I took an American Sign Language class last semester, Fall2014 at San Bernardino Valley College. The teacher had us choose an event to attend for a quiz grade. She had given us many events to choose from. The one I chose was Barnes and Noble “ASL story signing.” I had chosen this event because it was the only one that worked with my schedule and also because the story signing was being told by deaf/hearing impaired children. I ended up going with my sister in-law and my 1-year- old daughter. This plan worked out great because I had someone to watch my daughter while I paid attention to the story telling. My daughter enjoyed all the books and kids at the event. The event was being held on a Wednesday and it was dark and decent weather. The time that the event was being held was at 7pm, which I thought it was odd because it was a school night. I assumed that because the story was being told by children that the event would have been on a weekend.

This was my very first event that I had attended for school and also being a deaf event. The event was far from my house so we had the run around until we got there. The good thing was that we left the house an hour early to give us some lean time. When we arrived we had arrived in a mall plaza. Barnes and Noble was located in a mall plaza and mind I not forget this was near the holiday season. The parking lot was crowded, people fighting for parking spot, and rushing in and out of the stores with hands full of…

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