A Day in the Life of Alex Sander: Driving in the Fast Lane at Landon Care Products

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Case Study 2 - A Day in the Life of Alex Sander: Driving in the Fast Lane at Landon Care Products

1. What behaviours by Alex are having the greatest impact on the 360° data provided by her co-workers? Which of these behaviours are positive and which are negative?

This case study provides valuable insight into the way emotions and soft skills or its absence can affect motivation and leadership capabilities.

Alex Sander is the newest and youngest product manager at Landon. He had been very successful in the 2 product releases he has been in charge of, nevertheless, he seems to be lacking the ability to lead and direct his team to complete the work assigned to them.

Negative Behaviours

Alex is easily upset when team members do
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If I were Sam, I would invest more time in explaining to Alex the importance of soft skill in leadership and as a result these interpersonal competences in moving up in a company. Despite realizing that Alex has a “star” personality and that would be difficult to “transform” him into a team player. Nevertheless, I believe that the best alternative would be to put Alex through leadership workshops and emphasize the fact that there are more effective emotional tools than fear to motivate people to work harder and faster.

3. Is the 360º feedback at Landon fulfilling its aims? If yes, why? If not, how would you improve it?

Partly, 360º provides a wide review of all employees’ performance and for that reason is a powerful monitoring tool that can be used to improve behaviours and performances.

Regarding Alex, the 360º had not been effective for several reasons:

• He was hired to perform a demanding task and Alex’s methods were formerly known before entering Landon

• Alex believes that his strong performance is enough to gather recognition from top management

• Alex “long ranger” personality

• He does not feel that 360º evaluations is important enough to deserve his attention, especially in such a stressful time that precedes product launch.

The way to improve 360º

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