Essay on A Dark Endless Road By Joyce Oates

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A Story By Joyce Oates: A Dark Endless Road
In Joyce Carol Oates story, “Where are your going, Where have you been?” it tells a short story about a fifteen-year old girl who is trying to find herself as a woman. Connie is constantly concerned with the way she looks and has a habit of “craning her neck to glance into mirrors or checking other people’s faces…” (294). Connie realizes that she has the ability to attract boys by dressing and doing her hair a certain ways. She is discovering her own sex appeal and is creating a new attitude for herself, which includes rebelling against her parents and taking a different path from her beloved sister. She attempts to explore new territories and find a new side of herself. Connie’s actions include diners filled with testosterone and older men like Arnold Friend seeking young girls. Connie knowing this still takes her chances. Her quest for a man has her stepping on dangerous grounds. Arnold the so-called predator in the story resembles a dark path in Connie’s life. Some may say a demonic figure. As the story unfolds we figure Arnold knows Connie is easy prey and takes advantage. At the end of the story Arnold apparently abducts Connie; Oates says, “So much land that Connie has never seen before…”. Therefore, they’re two hypotheses to her disappearance. First hypothesis realistically Connie was abducted, and secondly it was a supernatural event; Demonic figure took her soul.
In hypothesis one reality: Connie is abducted by two…

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