A Critical Analysis Of The Shock Of The Atomic Bomb And Japan 's Decision On Surrender- A Reconsideration

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Teetering to Surrender: A Critical Analysis of “The Shock of the Atomic Bomb and Japan’s Decision to Surrender— A Reconsideration”
Individuals see “The Shock of the Atomic Bomb and Japan’s Decision to Surrender— A Reconsideration,” by Sadao Asada, as tedious and boring. Including names of different articles and historians can seem useless and insignificant, however I challenge you to see the strengths within this piece. Asada’s academic article puts entertainment and emotional appeal aside to discuss a different side of the Hiroshima bombing then previously emphasized, due to new information. As a result, Asada’s factual article presents a convincing case: the atomic bombs and Russian pressure were both necessary for Japan to finally surrender, as at the time, the leaders were at a stand still.
This critical analysis focuses on the first section of Asada’s paper for time-sake, however recognizes many of the same techniques are used throughout. He provides in-depth information, which supports his paper, followed by a summary of the main points found at the end of different ideas and sections (Asada, 485, 489, 494, 496, 499, 500, 503, 505). This effectively follows Asada’s train of thought, and improves understanding, while displaying the relevance to his thesis. It is easy to get confused by the in-depth details, however Asada wisely provides numerous summaries to help the reader focus on the developing argument. The information provided is like different moves in chess.…

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