Shagun's Infidelity Analysis

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Shagun’s infidelity explores female sexual self-assertion, her desire of self-fulfillment in any way. Her sexual longing explores the bold and changed mentality of the new woman. Sometimes Shagun feels guilty due to her infidelity, but always overcomes by thoughts of Ashok and his luxurious life and status. Shagun feels secured in the company of Ashok but at a weak moment, she tells him that she wants to go back to Raman, he refused her and stopped from doing so. Ashok always persuades Shagun by reminding her about luxurious life for which she yearned long before. Shagun feels torn between psychological and social struggle. She finds herself detached from the children and other family members. She suffers a lot due to her fractured identity in every role of being a woman. As a woman, she lost her dignity in the form of infidelity, as a wife, she lost her status by her illicit love affair. Even, she could not either become an ideal mother to her children or a daughter to her …show more content…
In a complete state of dilemma, she decides getting custody of children and divorce from her husband. In fact, Shagun could not understand that Ashok manipulates her not because he loves her but because he wants her totally, with body and mind. Jaidev, in his article “Problematizing Feminism” explores the fact that men through their soft talks and fake concerns can easily manipulate women:
Similarly takes woman as an existential condition, the condition of being powerless and manipulable. Since power is centralized in the hands of men, they feel nothing wrong in destroying her dignity or her creativity. The fake husband of the unnamed heroine exploits her innocence and convinces her that she should not mind compromising her artistic integrity since there haven 't been any important women artists in history, the implication being that women should not even aspire to greatness. (Jaidev

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