Essay on A Credible Effort By William Tuttle

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This credible effort by William Tuttle explored the important issues or influences that involved in the families of the men who were sent off to war. Tuttle fascinates us with the many diverse circumstances the families had to endure before and after the father’s came home from war. Tuttle also discusses throughout war the many issues that the families suffered such as mothers having to take on both roles, depression of the children, the neglected children during this time period, and the increased role of the older children to watch over the younger ones. Although the mother had a very important and influential role in the children’s lives during this war, Tuttle does a well-thought-of job to display the hardships the families suffered without the fathers being around.
Tuttle would explain that during the children’s early stages of aging they seemed to “talk more openly about their worries; fearing that spies were living in their midst, they had nightmares about war” (p.16). Why was it that they feared something that they had no involvement in? He made it clear that as they aged it seemed to become more glorified and they even reenacted things that would occur in war. The lack of understanding at an early age is what brought fear in the children as they got older it seemed to become a respectable thing to do. An example from one of the mothers who expressed her concern for her eleven year old son because he “far from upset and seemed delighted at the war” (p.16). This…

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