A Complex Transmedia Narrative Within The Boundaries Of The World

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The brief of this project is to create a complex transmedia narrative within the boundaries of the “world” established by a set of rules distinguished by the groups undertaking this assignment. This essay will discuss the ethical issues underlining our campaign and how utilitarianism is effective in investigating the issues our campaign in centred around. We will also purpose the methods we will use to develop an ethical campaign governed by the rules set for the project. Our campaign itself aims to focus on the importance of sweatshops as a source of well-being for its workers and how shutting down some of these factories could do more destruction than good for those involved.

There are many ethical moral issues that underlying factory labour in third world countries, most of which can be classified under activism for basic human rights. Rafi Atal (2013) explain that “campaigners need to separate the issue of western industrial decline from the wages and working conditions of developing world factory workers. They need to advocate for a better and more humane globalization, not against globalization altogether.” From a first world perspective, many see the workings of factory and the labour of goods in places like Bangladesh as basic slavery because many cannot comprehend the idea of working 14 hour days and earning about $2.00; even though 85 percent of the population of Bangladesh earns less than $2.00 a day (PowelI, 2014, p. 56). As many anti-sweatshop movements…

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