A Competitive Analysis Of Windowswear On The Fashion Window Walking Tours And Windowswear Workshop

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WindowsWear Competitive Analysis
WindowsWear is a privately owned apparel and fashion technology company. It was founded in 2012 and has three different divisions WindowsWear Pro, Fashion Window Walking Tours and WindowsWear Workshop. WindowsWear Pro consist of an array of fashion windows and visual displays dating back to 1931. WindowsWear is a visionary that distinguish themselves as the fashion week for designers. They’re compared to as the vogue magazine for windows. The windows are showcased for fashion retailers all around the world (WindowsWear.com, 2016).
Moreover, they are looking to capture the best fashion window displays. In addition, they want to represent apparel, jewelry stores all around the world. WindowsWear Walking Tours does tours all year round. The plans are to launch tours in other major cities. WindowsWear captures approximately 25,000 windows in a year. Every year an award is given to the best window display to recognize the best in the industry (Harari, 2016).
WindowsWear Pro features fashion-type display settings preserved in photograph scenes that at one time had been in various store windows, a database of images sharing displays that had been used by some of the world’s largest retailers (Radsken, 2015). In addition, schools, visual teams, students and professors subscribe for inspiration and the latest trends (Harari, 2016). The windows guru it now contemplates on venturing into the museum business. The question that we must pose is this…

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