A Community Is A Never Ending Story Of Change And Loss Due Essay

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According to Bradshaw, a community is a never-ending story of change and loss due to the modernization of societies. To further reiterate on this idea he explains a community is defined as people being able to share residential areas, such as a city, a town, and/or a neighborhood; however, in today’s society solidarity is more common where people no longer have the need to be tied down to one single place as they once did historically. Therefore, Bradshaw explains through his work how the dimensions of community, within the context of Gemeinshaft, Gesellschaft, and Post Place Community, all affect the transformation of a community. In 1887, the study of the community in sociology came to life with the publication of Fedinand Tönnies’s book, Gemeinshaft und Gesellschaft. Gemeinshaft communities are considered to be based on natural will and are “more on the historic village or small town which has inclusive social ties among members based on holistic views of individuals and families, sentiment, traditionalism, and stable or persistent social rankings that have developed over a long time” (Bradshaw, 2008, p. 6). Therefore, gemeinshaft incorporates trust and familiarity as well as seeing people as significant in order to build relationships within a single community. On the other hand, Gesellschaft is more based around rational will and is “expressed in the urban or industrial city where people are interpersonally alienated, but they are linked to their community by their…

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