A Common Theme Of Binge Drinking Essay

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Before I went to the AA meeting I felt anxious and kind of nervous because I did not know what to expect. I felt like I would be uncomfortable going by myself so I bought my friend along with me to calm my nerves. When we went into the meeting they were very welcoming and I realized that it wasn 't really a big deal and there was no reason to feel nervous. A common theme throughout the meeting was hospitalization and loss of family due to the addiction. Another common theme was binge drinking that leaded to frequent blackouts. Speaker 1 discussed how he started drinking when he was only 13 years old, his dad and mom were both alcoholics, which greatly influenced his addiction. He explained that by the age of 22 he was spiraling out of control. He stopped drinking as much when he got a job in the city, then he lost his job and he turned to drinking as a way to forget about his problems. He told stories how he would go 7 days drinking nonstop and would not remember a single thing. I saw a mediate connection with what we talked about in class with the chronic phase with benders. Since he was drinking excessive amounts he was hospitalized several times and had to get part of his kidney removed. He said after that he still continued to drink because he felt as if his life was not worth living. Speaker 1 said how he almost died 4 times from alcohol related problems. He finally stopped drinking when his doctor told him the reality of that if he continued to destroy his body, he…

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