A Child Who Has Been Diagnosed With Autism Spectrum Disorder Essay

1330 Words Dec 9th, 2014 null Page
In the fall of 2014, I observed a child who has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder; he was around the age of 13. This young boy was non-verbal but used a picture book to communicate his needs and wants with those around him. I used to work at a facility for children with special needs, and after several shifts, had begun to enjoy my time with this little dude. When I entered the facility for my shift one day I noticed how reserved and standoffish he was. I soon realized why, The Avengers was on because one of the kids had been very adamant about watching it. The way the speaker system worked is that there was only one set of speakers for both the TV and the radio. So unfortunately for the young fellow he had to wait his turn to rock out to some Americas Top 40. So while he waited to hear the familiar sound of the radio static as it switches from TV to radio, he sat on the couch with his green Lego cube in his hand, and rocked back in forth.
As I had many times before, I tried to get him to come off the couch to engage in other activities like coloring, puzzles, going on the swing or even a walk through the park, and as always he kept his head down and shook his head no. So I patiently waited for the movie to end, so I could quickly switch on the radio to get this young boy to engage with me and the other staff. The minute he heard the beat of All About That Base by Meagan Tranior he was bobbing his head to the music and smiling. He started to engage with those…

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