A Change Of Shift Report Essay

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Performing a change-of-shift report at the patient’s bedside is a best practice and insures quality hand-off. It increases patient satisfaction, promotes patient safety, gives patients opportunity to ask questions, correct any misconceptions and be more involved in their care. Present practice the nurses at this unit is not consistent with bedside reporting. Furthermore, patients are not included in the report. Preparatory work for designing the bedside shift report process, I will examine baseline patient satisfaction scores, review the existing shift report processes, will identify potential barriers and facilitators in moving to bedside shift reports. Focused with an assessment of the existing shift report process and motivated to increase patient satisfaction levels, the process will redesign to have both the oncoming and off going nurses conducting most of the face to face shift report with the patient at bedside.
Inclusion criteria for these patients are intact cognitive function, 18 years and older, and motivated to participate in their care. Family members are included whose who signed consent. Further inclusion criteria for the patient participant will be length of stay between five to seven days. Family members are involved in patient’s care can be included. All the nurses who provides direct patient care.
This study will be conducted on a 30-bed inpatient rehabilitation unit at St Jude medical center. Most of the rooms are private except four…

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