A Brief Note On Wwi And Its Impact On Western Europe Essay

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From 1750 CE until the present day (2015), Eastern Europe underwent numerous changes and few continuities. Some of the changes: the mini-ice age, rise of communism, spread of the potato, decline of serfdom, an ideological desire for militarism, nationalism, alliances, and imperialism, and new weapons/warfare create new avenues for political, economic, social, and intellectual reform. While the reliance on agriculture and ever-lasting ethnic conflict remained largely consistent throughout the time-zone.

Of all the changes that occurred in Eastern Europe during the time-period already specified, the most influential change is the ideological desire for militarism, nationalism, alliances, and imperialism. Although leaders were and will continue to be be power hungry, selfish individuals, these ideological desires curate many wars and events that shape Eastern Europe for many years. Militarism, alliances, imperialism, and nationalism are the main causes for WWI. WWI is one of the most important events in recent history due to the drastic change it set in motion. For example, the great Russian, Austria-Hungary, Germany, and Turkey monarchies all fell as a result of the global war. The war also staggered and severed the European economies and allowed America to gain both an economical and technological advantage for the coming few decades. And finally, WWI lead to the reorganization of many European borders such as the splitting of germany. On another hand, WWII was caused mostly…

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