A Brief Note On The United States Agriculture Department Essay

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WHAT IS MALATHION First registered in 1956 by the United States Agriculture Department (USDA) and is currently regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
It is a organophoshate insecticide, meaning it blocks enzymes that cause nervous and respiratory damage and the death of an insect.
2 It is colorless to amber liquid with a skunk or garlic like odor.
It is a broad spectrum insecticide used to control a variety of outdoor insects.
It is registered for use on food, feed and ornamental crops.
High toxicity for insects and low toxicity for mammals and birds.
HEALTH HAZARD Animal Testing
Potential health issues Endocrine Disruption, Carcinogenicity and Reproductive Effects Very low in toxicity when ingested by laboratory rats. 3 Lethal Dose (LD) in males was 5400 mg/kg and 5700 mg/kg for females.
4 Low in toxicity when applied to the skin of laboratory rats. LD in rats is >2000 mg/kg.
5 Very low in toxicity when inhaled by laboratory rats. 6 LD in rats is >5.2 mg/L.
7 Eye irritation study conducted on rabbits caused slight eye irritation that cleared by itself in 7 days.
ENDOCRINE DISRUPTION Suppression of thyroid function in laboratory rats.
Increased blood glucose and blood insulin levels in laboratory rats.
Decreased pituitary prolactin levels and increased pituitary gland weight in laboratory rats.
CARCINOGENICITY Evidence is mixed on whether this insecticide causes cancer in laboratory rats.
Long term dietary study showed increased incidence of liver and nasal…

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