A Brief Note On The Total Water Withdrawals Essay

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1. Most of the total water withdrawals in France are used by the Industry: 24. 48 billion m3 followed by municipal water use of 5.49 billion m3 and agricultural water use 3.143 billion m3. In percentages industrial water withdrawals represent 73.93%, agricultural water withdrawals represent 9.49 % and municipal 16.58 %. http://www.fao.org/nr/water/aquastat/data/query/index.html?lang=en (Aquastat) In comparison the world water withdrawals used by industry in 2007 are 734 km3 or 19 % of the total, agricultural water withdrawals are 2722 km3 or 69 % of the total, and municipal 462 km3 or 12 % of the world total water withdrawals. http://www.fao.org/nr/water/aquastat/tables/WorldData-Withdrawal_eng.pdf ( Aquastat). USA as a first world country predictably has a high percentage of water used by the Industry sector of 248.4 billion m3 or 51.15 %, followed by agriculture: 175.1 billion m3 or 36.05 % and municipal water use of 62.09 billion m3 or 12.79 %. http://www.fao.org/nr/water/aquastat/data/query/results.html ( Aquastat) Most major waste water treatment plants are managed by the private water companies. A total of 3.8 billion m3 of drinking water are delivered to the French population each year, 70% of it is delivered by private water companies. In 2010 2.8 billion m3 were collected in France and about 60 % of it was recovered by private water companies. These companies set their own prices for the water collected, purified and delivered but they are still regulated to a…

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