A Brief Note On The Federal Minimum Wage Essay

2691 Words Jul 19th, 2016 11 Pages
The Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 established the federal minimum wage initiative, and the initial minimum wage of 25 cents per hour came to fruition. A discussion on laws will provide an appreciation of today’s standards and requirements. The federal minimum wage is a controversial topic, within the human resource field, attracting attention from all over. While minimum wage employees would appreciate this increase, companies may have a hardship with the implementation. Therefore, companies must utilize strategic planning to incorporate a higher future minimum wage and in some situation, a job analysis may need to be accomplished to produce solutions. Brodsky provides possible solutions to his business due to the impact of minimum wage increase. Additionally, information will outline some pros and cons if the federal minimum wage is increased. Strategic Planning for Minimum Wage Increase Implementation Hourly employees are requesting a minimum wage increase to $15 and it is causing an enormous commotion. Pursuing a necessary change for family betterment employees are voicing their opinion. Unions were employees’ voice years ago and through collective bargaining both the employer and employees would come to a solution. Utilizing unions is not an option theses days due to the decline of employee’s involvement with unions. Today different laws and acts to provide a voice for the employees below, there will be a brief discussion of the Fair Labor Standards…

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