A Brief Note On The Electronic Heart Glove Essay

1414 Words Apr 21st, 2016 6 Pages
Scientists have created an Electronic Heart Glove which can make a heartbeat forever; the main issue regarding this topic is invention would better the quality of human life. The Electronic Heart Glove is made of sensors and electrodes that monitor the hearts activity. The membrane contracts with the heart and can deliver electronic shocks if the person who wears it is having a heart attack. This would prolong many lives since most deaths are caused by heart failure. Although it sounds like a good idea, many people do not see eye to eye regarding the matter. There is major controversy regarding whether or not this invention would help the human race. Scientists should not pursue the Electronic Heart Glove because it would cause over population, decrease in food supply, and an up rise in financial problems.
There are countless reasons as to why they should not pursue the Electronic Heart Glove, but there are three reasons that stand out from the rest. One reason is because it would cause global over population. The people of Earth have been struggling with overpopulation since the beginning of globalization. For example, the country of Kibera is suffering from overpopulation and poverty. “The impact of this massing of humans is like a physical blow: The land and city infrastructure can’t keep up with the people. Step between the houses of Kibera and into a back alley and you are likely to come across gulches carved into the dirt by streams of wastewater, the ad hoc sewage…

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