A Brief Note On The Civil Rights Movement Essay

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The civil rights movement has been one of the leading social actions experienced in America over the past century. This movement became prevalent among minority groups namely African-American, and women in our country who felt there rights and privileges were aggrieved in one way or another. The civil rights movement was typically centered in the Southern regions of the country which at that time was highly populated by African-Americans. This civil right initiative focused on specific rights such as voting rights, women rights, LGBT rights, and racial inequality in education, economic and political opportunities.
Civil rights in America
The civil right movement had a major impact on modern-day women rights and equal educational rights as it forced the adoption to take on new strategies and policies that improved the standards of public education in America (Hibink, 2009).Voting rights has been one of the major initiatives that civil rights activist and other minority groups have fought for over the last past century in United States, that has recently be revisited because of new voting laws in many Southern states. Over the past century specifically as most eligible black voters particularly in Southern parts of America felt disfranchised and disenchanted as many of them felt new roadblocks have been placed to deter the African-American population from voting during the most recent electioneering period (Fraser, 2005). Most African-Americans believe that the…

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