A Brief Note On The Broken Windows Theory Essay

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The concept of the broken windows theory can be misleading due to its terminology. It is the notion that physical decay, or the ignoring of petty crimes, can breed disorder. In addition, it can lead to crime by signaling that laws are not being enforced. If crimes are not being addressed at the grassroots level, it will only flourish. With that being stated, the broken windows theory should be continued in NYC by restructuring it.
Broken windows theory was coined by NYPD Commissioner Bratton in 1990’s when he was appointed as the NYC police commissioner. What the tenacity behind he believes in this policy was if a crime is being addressed belligerently for low-level crimes, it will decrease the risk of serious crimes. Furthermore, low-level crime can be fare evasion, aggressive begging, public consumption of alcohol, and loitering. Such as, if an individual engages in low-level crimes he or she can be can be arrested or issued a summons. If individuals who engaged in such crimes, were not arrested and prosecuted for low-level offenses, according to the broken windows theory, violent criminals will be encouraged to engage in deviant and criminal behavior.
The broken windows theory in New York City was implemented in the 1990 's. The idea after it was, policing can be effective under this when it focuses on problem-solving within the community. It can do by police officers working along with community residents, businesses within that community. For instance by addressing the…

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