A Brief Note On The And Muslim Women Essay

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Veiling is symbolic to Muslim women because by being modest, they are respecting God 's teachings (Qur 'an 35:39). Veiling can be a cultural, moral and religious action to promote modesty as well as self respect. According to the Qur 'an, veiling is necessary to ensure purity of the heart for both men and women. ( Qur 'an 33.53) " Islam does not require women to wear black veils, nor to hide their faces, but to cover their bodies from the neck to the wrist and foot" (Islam, Masqood Ruqaiyyah Waris, 2006). The Qur 'an states that only the veiling of their hair is encouraged, as well as loose garments covering the whole body to ensure purity (Qur 'an 24:30-1). However, the degree in which a Muslim women should be veiled is up to the woman herself and is nowhere deemed as compulsory in the Qur 'an, but the hijab could be seen as mandatory. As well, the decision should be made only by the woman herself, and not demanded for her to be veiled by any male. (Islam, Masqood Ruqaiyyah Waris, 2006. " Hijab means veiling, covering or concealing, and indicates modesty both in dress and behaviour, an expression of piety for all Muslim women" (Islam, Masqood Ruqaiyyah Waris, 2006). A burqa is "a long, loose garment covering the whole body from head to feet, worn in public by women in many Muslim countries" (Oxford Dictionary). " they should draw their veils over their bosoms and not display their beauty except to their close male relatives" (Qur 'an 24:30-1). Muslim women are…

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