A Brief Note On Science And The World Of The Paranormal And Supernatural

1075 Words Nov 15th, 2014 null Page
As humans we have several capacities that other species in the animal kingdom do not have. Our brain can reason and process information like no other animals can do, in fact we are capable to judge and make our own conclusions. Unfortunately, not every thought that crosses our minds is accurate; this has led to stablish parameters between what is reliable and what is not. Over the past decades, scientists have avoided to spread information that is not proven. They have used the scientific method to analyze and disseminate facts that we can rely on. However, there are more facts spread than science can proof. We have a lot of questions that need to be answered and for science it may take time. That’s where pseudoscience starts threatening science, creating information that doesn’t need to be proven and is easier to be promoted. Fake science as scientist call it, causes chaos and creates skepticism along communities. People who believe in pseudoscience are bonded to the world of the paranormal and supernatural.

Pseudoscience could be doubled-edge sword, depending on which side you pick. It cannot draw reliable results, but it can be a head start for a theory. If we review the things that we yet know and belief, most of them are based pseudoscience, which has been spread generation after generation. Unfortunately for science, pseudoscience is easier to understand and more likely to be spread “Intuitive beliefs are easier to grasp and remember, and less susceptible to decay…

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