A Brief Note On Personal Suffering And Social Issues Essay

1225 Words Dec 26th, 2015 null Page
Suicide claims the lives of thousands of people and is seen as both a private trouble and social issue. Individuals’ personal problems can be correlated with social structural problems in relation to aspects of depression, suicidal thoughts, attempts and successes. Reasons for suicide vary greatly from, perhaps difficulties at work to dysfunctional family issues from childhood past experiences. People decide to take their lives everyday for numerous different reasons, however, despite whatever the reason may be, it can be associated with the public world. Examples of personal suffering can create social dilemmas, especially when the suffering is a result of some aspect of their social setting. American sociologist, C. Wright Mills coined the term ‘sociological imagination’ as the ability to view close associations between personal troubles and social structures. One action within society can result in multiple other problems, creating a downward spiral for individuals living in the situation who become affected. “When war happens, an insurance salesman becomes a rocket launcher; a store clerk, a radar man; a wife lives alone; a child grows up without a father.” (Brym 2011: 9). Things that happen in the larger setting of society can play a role in family homes and their structural functioning. Suicide is a subject that falls within both categories of being a social and a private problem. One’s strongest critic is oneself; considering themselves as not being good enough.…

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