A Brief Note On Fracking And Shale Energy Development Essay

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Fracking is the process of drilling deep into the earth’s crust and injecting water, sand and chemicals under immense pressure in order to obtain natural gas. With this process there are benefits and also disadvantages. There are many risks to groundwater from surface spills that are associated with shale energy development, they can be managed or mitigated by following certain precautions and steps. Groundwater is present throughout the atmosphere. There is surface water, atmospheric water and groundwater. It is something both humans and animals rely on to survive. With all of the water on the planet we are only able to drink 0.5% that is fresh water. The other 99.5% is all salt water. (“PA DCNR - Geology - Groundwater,” n.d.) Concerns about ground water contamination have been increasing with hydraulic fracturing and horizontal becoming more common across the United States. In Pennsylvania about 6 million homes rely on the groundwater, this is a significant number of people. Many people are not concerned about groundwater because they simply can’t see it. Most of the water comes from groundwater, about two thirds of the water in wetlands, lakes and streams comes from groundwater. (“PA DCNR - Geology - Groundwater,” n.d.) There are two sides regarding where water contamination comes from. Environmentalists claim that polluted drinking water is what the industry has done from the industrialization of fracking and will continue to pollute the resources. On the other hand, the…

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