A Brief Note On Forensic Accounting And Its Effects On A Company

1045 Words Sep 20th, 2015 null Page
Forensic Accounting is a technique used to follow money transactions when fraud has occurred. The technique can be used to find out where the money originated from, where it is currently located, and where it will proceed to next. It is also used in preventing fraud by implementing anti-money laundering techniques such as, segregation of duties and maintenance of strong internal controls, creating a code of conduct and fraud policy, conducting surprise audits, and establishing a whistleblower’s hotline to protect areas of vulnerability in a company. These vulnerabilities can include payroll fraud, expense reporting, contract bidding, and false invoicing. Their personal protective services include executive protection, residential protection, executive drivers, VIP security, asset protection, and technical surveillance countermeasure services. Executive protection helps to create security strategies to deter and reduce threats by implementing the use of security surveys, advance team deployment, escort services, deployment of armed agents, equipment coordination, and agency liaison to protect corporate leaders and chief executive officers from dangerous environments created by the position of power. Executive drivers also coordinate the travel route for the daily routine of the executive and prepare secure routes to emergency services. They also review intelligence-briefing materials and provide counter surveillance for executives during operations as manpower allows.…

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