A Brief Note On Death And Maiden Helped Me Understand Paulinas Relationship With Gerardo

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Reflective statement: What we discussed in my IOD, death and maiden helped me understand paulinas relationship with gerardo. In the IOD I learned paulina was suffering from post rape trauma syndrome and to cope with it she was silent for 15 years. Not to mention the syndrome also included struggling with anger,confusion,flashbacks,nightmares,relationships and unable to socialize. Rape trauma syndrome came with 2 phases after the rape, the phases are guilt and shame, then posttraumatic stress syndrome. This reflect greatly to the relationship Paulina and Gerardo are in. Gerado also cheated which means their relationship started off with a lack of communication and trust. What I learned differently is that even if their relationship started from a lack of trust and communication Paulina needs Gerardo and vice versa. If it weren’t for Gerardo, Paulina would of been silent forever clinging to the past. Dorfman clearly shows that Paulina needs Gerado to set her free of her past. Not only that the discussion made realized the strength of paulina 's will. In the IOD I learned that there was 2 groups that rebelled against dictatorship. One was a group that protested every thursday because of mother 's missing their children. They also wore white scarves to represent white doves of peace because the community was muted. The other group was a rebellion group that took military action. Planning to overthrow dictatorship and were seen as terrorists by the US, but after the fall of the…

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