A Brief Note On Crime And The Criminal Justice System Essay

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Measuring the amount of occurred crimes in a society is full of difficulties and challenging. Regardless of the reasons of why some individuals have chosen not to report their encounter of crimes or incidents, the limitation of the crime recording approaches is noticeably concerning. No matter on the practical or political aspects of the criminal justice system (Maguire, Morgan & Reiner, 2012). The genuine solution of tackling the problem about the phenomena of unreported crime is quite national which cannot share with other countries (besides some international crimes) and even in different cultures. Correctly measuring the quantity of crime is seems like impossible. Using UK as an example, the police recorded crime and the British Crime survey (BCS) are the main resources of acquiring the occurred crime data recently. However, some restriction exist in these approaches (Hale, et al., 2013). In the following paragraph, the reasons of the present of unreported crimes, the limitation of criminal justice system approached of crime measurement and the aspects are neglected by the general public, the police force and even the academic field well be discussed.
As well known, the main reason of inaccurate measuring the quantity of crime is emerged at the victims itself, their crime reporting behaviours are influenced by numerous of factors, such as some personal reasons or the concern about the police force. Also, this is the most difficult part to improve and alter the victims’…

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