Essay about A Brief Note On Chocolate And Human Trafficking

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Chocolate and Human Trafficking

The average American consumes over eleven pounds of chocolate every single year, the equivalent of around 120 chocolate bars, amounting to around thirteen billion dollars of chocolate. (Huffington Post, 2013) This leads to the question of where does all of this chocolate come from? Seventy percent comes from forced child labor, otherwise known as human trafficking. The Polaris Project, a nonprofit working to combat the trafficking of humans, defines labor trafficking as: the use violence, threats, lies, debt bondage, and other forms of coercion to force people to work against their will in many different industries. (The Polaris Project) The majority of cocoa used for the production of chocolate is made on farms in the Ivory Coast where forced labor trafficking is happening to maximize profits within the company, but not enough reforms have been made to help put an end to the injustice behind the production of chocolate. Labor trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery. This slavery forces individuals to perform services through the use of force, fraud, or coercion. (National Human Trafficking Resource Center) Common types of this trafficking include people being forced to harvest crops or work in factories in inhumane conditions. These human trafficking victims make a large number of consumer goods and food products that are imported to the United States. Often times it goes unrealized that these elements of forced labor are present in…

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