A Brief Note On Barriers And Trade Between Nigeria Essay

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BARRIERS TO TRADE – NIGERIA According to a report from the office of the United States trade representative, import policies, export subsidies, government involvement, intellectual property rights protection, service barriers and investment barriers were listed as factors that restrict trade with the global world.
Tariffs and Non Tariff barriers; Import policies such as; tariffs and non tariffs measures creates trade barriers for the international industries looking to enter the Nigerian market. “Companies have reported that high tariffs, nontransparent valuation procedures, frequent policy changes and unclear interpretations by the Nigerian Customs Service make importing difficult and expensive” (“USTR Nigeria”). Nontariff measure put in place include quotas, under this measure, in specific industries such as cement production, only those who are involved in the large scale productions are allowed to import, but there has to be a quota. The Nigerian government also has import ban in place for certain products. “Items such as birds eggs, cocoa butter, powder and cakes, live birds , frozen poultry, refined vegetable and fats, bottled water, bagged cement”(“USTR Nigeria”). In addition to the nontariff measures, Nigerian custom administration presents barriers to trade. “There are erratic applications of custom regulations, lengthy clearance procedures, high berthing and unloading cost and corruption” (“USTR Nigeria”). Due to the poor administration and…

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