A Bird That Looks Like A Giant Vulture Essay

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A bird that looks like a giant vulture does not usually have charisma nor hold a place in people’s hearts. There is one bird that seems to have transcended this prejudice, inspiring enough passion to create panic at the idea of its extinction. This bird is the Gymnogyps californianus or better known as the California condor. When its numbers began to drop in the mid-20th century, a frenzy began in order to understand why it was disappearing and attempt to bring it back. With the dedication of various groups, the numbers now continue to rise each year. It could be considered one of the most successful conservation efforts to date, but it still faces many challenges that must be resolved before the condor can be considered a complete success. The California condor is hope for all the species that are starting to disappear and a reminder that this is only the beginning of a journey to a sustainable world. To conserve any species, there must be a general understanding about how the species lives and functions in its ecosystem. The California condor is the largest flying bird in North America. This is thanks to its wingspan of 2.8 m and weight of up to 8.5 kg (Walters et al. 2010). The large wingspan helps this bird fly incredibly long distances. They can travel around 240 km in a day (Cohn 1993), and if they are nesting, they have been known to go 180 km in one trip to get food for their chicks.
This condor currently ranges throughout the southwestern part of the United…

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