A Better World By Karl Popper Essay examples

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In the collection of essays, In Search of a Better World, Karl Popper, in which he is most know for rejecting the scientific method, embraces the idea of empirical science. His disagreement stemmed from the notion that science can never be proven, but it may be falsified. These ideas are reflection of previous noted philosophers such as Plato and Socrates with respect to academics, which are expanded upon and are implemented in today’s science society. Popper also explains the concept of an “open society” and its’ relationship with science in order for scientific theories to be valid.

In order to appreciate Popper’s view and support for the Socratic methods of thinking regarding academia, one must first understand the definition of both. Dating back to early times, the famous philosopher Socrates believed in a method that eliminated the hypothesis, by identifying and eliminating contradictions in or to find a sounder hypothesis. This for of inquiry is based upon the critical thinking of conceptual ideas, and questioning them in a way that one may find inconsistencies on their own, thus reinforces their own point. This means that a hypothesis is subjected to scrutiny in order to eliminate any discrepancies that one my find in order to make it more accurate and therefore is not subject to further testing. One could also refer this way of thinking to relativism in, which Popper believes that the most injustices that happen in the science world are committed by intellectuals,…

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