A Beautiful Lady About Tree Years Ago Essay

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I meet this charming lady about tree years ago. We were worked together sometimes, depending to our schedules. Her cheerful character, friendliness and willingness to come to the aid admired me. Her name is Erika Minhas, and because she speaks Spanish I been thinking that she is from Mexico. Later I found out that she is originally from Peru and she has been in Columbus about four years. She is married and has two wonderful boys. Her husband originally from India, but he has been in Columbus since he was 22 years old. His name is Ashvwany. It is means “ One who always win” on Hindi. The older sun name is Aman and his name means “Peace” on hindy. The younger sun’s name is Aaron means “Light” on Hindi.
My first question was, “How did you meet your husband?”
Her history was romantic and in the spirit of modernity, because she met her future husband through Internet and she came to USA like fiancé. It was a challenging way, which has been finished a creation of international family.
2. What is your hometown?
Erica’s hometown is Ventanilla, district of Callao, which is provincial of LIMA downtown. This is a coastline of Pacific Ocean, which has a long line of beach. Erica described her hometown like a beautiful place for living and for vacation. During a year here is a nice weather like in Florida. It is situated close to the beach and not faraway from Lima. Peru is traditionally described in terms of three regions: the arid Costa on the west; the rugged Sierra, or…

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